Dresser Refresher!

Lucy Hinkle

A new school year means a new set of rules! This year, McLean is focusing on three specific norms: no cell phones out, punctuality, and the updated dress code. These changes were made in an effort to provide all students with an excellent school day, every day. Since there have been such drastic changes in the dress code this year, we want to refresh your memory on the rules!

  Unlike last year, all students must wear a collared or uniform-approved shirt that is long enough to be tucked into the student’s pant line. They can only wear tops that are White, Navy, Gray, Black, Red, or Blue. When a student wears a hoodie, the hoodie cannot have a logo on it that takes up more than an inch, which is why it is suggested to come with a McLean sweatshirt or just a plain one. Students are allowed to wear McLean spirit shirts, but only on Fridays! Any clothing that reveals undergarments or “areas of the body meant to be covered” will not be allowed at school.

   Lower garments need to have adequate coverage and be no more than 3 inches above the back of the knee. Pants, shorts, and skirts cannot have distressing in them and must meet the length requirements. They can be khaki, navy, black, blue, gray, red, or white, but cannot be athletic material. Students can wear leggings or joggers on Fridays only!

   Shoes are required for all students, and though lace-up shoes are suggested, students just have to wear something close-toed that has some sort of strap on the back.

   With the updated and improved security this year, every student MUST wear an ID and cannot leave the classroom without one. Students got their photos taken on Tuesday, August 23, and those photos will be the ones used for their IDs, which come with a lanyard. Students will have to use their IDs daily and will need them to get into sporting events and school dances, so it is very important to keep track of theirs. However, if lost, you can receive another ID for a small price paid directly to the office.

   If a student fails to oblige to the dress code, they will be sent to the auditorium where their clothing will be looked over. If their clothing is not within these guidelines they will be asked to change, and if they cannot do so they will be sent to ISS for the day after receiving a warning.

  There is more to the dress code about makeup, hats, jewelry, etc. so if you want to read an extended version you can check it out on the McLean Middle School website or click here! It is important for all students to remember to stay within the dress code so we can decrease any possible interruptions in the classroom!