Prepare for MAP!


Anna Claire Lackey

ATTENTION Cardinals! MAP testing is heading our way on Monday, August 29, and will continue until the 31! Make sure to be prepared with a charged chrome book, charger, and get tons of rest. You will be testing in your Math, ELA, and Science class periods. Each of those classes will be double blocked on a certain day, so you will have tons of time to ace your test! Each test should only take up to an hour and a half. Your teachers will require you to turn in your phone to so everyone can focus on their tests and assure that there are no distractions.

Make sure to give your best effort and try your hardest when taking the test. A good healthy breakfast and plenty of rest will ensure that you have enough energy and a concentrated mindset!

This all may seem very stressful, but I do have some good news! After we finish testing on Thursday, we will get to enjoy a four day weekend! Yahoo!!