Reassurement for the End of the Year!


Penn Simonson

Is anyone else feeling mixed feelings about school ending? I know I am. I actually really enjoyed school so far this year, mainly just because I feel so used to this year. Although, I feel like it just hasn’t been long enough. You might be thinking, “next year I won’t have any of my friends in my class”, or “will I be happy with all my classes?”, and even “everyone I know is going to Paschal, but I’m not”. If this is the case, don’t worry.

Just some things to reassure you about next year, if you possibly don’t have a single friend or anyone you know in your class, meet new people! Nothing hurts to try and socialize with others, especially during the start of a new school year. It could be impossible for someone to just ignore you and not at least engage in conversation. I can also assure you that if you enter a new class, the teachers are always welcoming and nice, it’s practically their job! You’re never alone in any of these situations, don’t stress!

If you are an 8th grader going on to 9th grade, transitioning from middle school to high school is actually said to be a great experience, believe it or not. High school offers new classes, courses, extracurricular activities, and so much more. You also meet loads of new people from other schools, engage in a wider variety of sports, and when you’re old enough, you can drive! So to all the 8th graders, don’t stress, just keep calm and move on. High school is a great experience, engage in it!

To all the 7th graders, a new year means you are now the top grade in the school, so when the 6th grades from little McLean move in, you have to be a role model to them, because they look up to you like a little sibling does to his older sibling. Be on your absolute best behavior, even during the end of school, because if you do something at the very end of school, it will follow you through summer to the next grade, then you will face your consequences. Be the brightest light in the school!

So, to summarize what I’ve said, if you have mixed feelings about the school year ending, don’t stress! It’ll all be okay in the end, the world can promise you. Just take it on when it hits you. Be the boss of it and control the situation. And remember, don’t get in trouble on the last day of school, because it… will… follow… you…. Have a great rest of your year Cardinals!