Introducing Mrs. Culpepper!

How much do you think you know about your favorite teachers? I would like to tell you about one of mine. 

Mrs. Culpepper has been here since 1994. Since then, this school has changed a lot. It has grown a great deal since then, along with the students that used to walk these halls. 

Mrs. Culpepper has taught many different languages going from English to French to Latin. This year, she discontinued teaching French. She has taught many languages for many wonderful reasons. She chose to teach English when she found out she could get paid for doing something she loved. She has always loved books and read them very quickly, it didn’t matter what language. She grew up with many different languages in her home. English was her first language but Latin was in her church. Her father encouraged her to take french because he served in WW2.

Like mentioned before, Ms. Culpepper has been here since the nineties, that’s a lot of commitment. She also taught summer school at a high school for one year. Does she still see herself here in five years? She is somebody who likes to take it one day at a time, one year at a time. “Today is all we know so we have to make the most of it

She has had so many wonderful years at Mclean. There has been something wonderful about every year she has been here even though there have been some extraordinary challenging times. To her, being here is a blessing in her life and it continues to be. “We learn from our mistakes, it’s part of being human, or, hopefully we do,” Says Mrs. Culpepper. It has been an honor for her to be in this community for all of these years and to have us on a daily basis and be able to interact with everyone and be able to continue with everyone over the years is a wonderful thing. One of the things that is a privilege to her is the people who are fortunate enough to be at middle school level is the adventure of middle school age kids it’s just like you’re in a garden that is flourishing.

Now she has a question for you! How do you, as a young cardinal, think you will look back on your middle school years?