Favorite Moments At Mclean 2021 – 2022


Everybody has a favorite moment in Mclean. Whether you’re an 8th grader or a 7th grader you can probably think of one thing that put a smile on your face this year. Some of the common Mclean favs are, Spring Fling, Kona ice, Friday Funday, Basketball games, Mclean soccer, Fall play, Kick it with dad, the Art Club Field Trip, and My Future is Bright Week!

                                                            Here are some of the students’ best loved events!

– Jacklyn Morales – “My favorite moment at Mclean this year was going to the City Champions, because I won a medal for being in 2nd place for the 2400 meter run.”


– Sadie Engel – “I loved making the posters with all of my friends in Youth Voices For Change for My Future is Bright Week!” 


– Valeria Sevilla- “My favorite moment at Mclean this year was the Spring Fling because I got to talk to my friends and it was a good time.”


– Lanesha Vance – “My favorite moment in 8th grade at Mclean was participating in the Yearbook and the Color Blast.”


– Leighton Teafatiller – “The Fall Festival was my favorite moment at Mclean this year and I hope we do it again next year.”


– Felix Lyle – “My favorite moment from this year was the Opening Night from the Fall Play, because it feels like your on top of the world.”


– Xander Sampeck – “Our very first UIL one act performance was our best performance. We got to meet other theater kids and it was a great experience and I would do it again.“


Looking back on 2021-2022, what was your treasured event at Mclean?