End of Year Update!


Penn Simonson

Attention McLeaniacs!

Were you worried about that weird schedule at the end of the year when we had finals on the LAST day of school? Well worry not people, finals are no longer on that day! However, the awards ceremony is on that day, so if you want to claim your awards, I suggest you go. A huge relief if you felt you had vacations planned that day and you had to move it. Finals will now be held on just the last week of school, including that Friday.

A quick calendar update for those who don’t know when school gets out. School will be let out on the Tuesday after memorial day, which we oddly have the day off. If you are in accelerated science, your STAAR test is on Thursday May 5th, which also happens to be Cinco de Mayo. Immediately following that day is the Social Studies STAAR, but I think that’s only for 8th graders. On Tuesday the 10th is the Math STAAR, and the day after that is the dreaded Reading STAAR.

Now, the map testing and finals schedule. After the week of STAAR, all students are going to take the MAP tests. I’m not sure which subjects are on which days, but the MAP tests will go from Tuesday the 17th to Thursday the 19th. Then last, but certainly the least, we have finals for the last week of school. I know, it’s crazy and a little weird, but we’ll just have to tough through it. The week of finals has a weird schedule that I can’t explain, but I know when they start and end. Finals start on Tuesday the 24th, and go to Friday the 27th.

The crazy part now is the very last days of school. On Friday we finish finals, and then we have a three day weekend, where we have Monday, which is Memorial Day off. Then, to make up for all those darn snow days, we have to go back to school on that last Tuesday. Pretty odd, right? Well good thing the finals are no longer on that day!