Over the years at McLean

Teachers have come and left McLean over the years but we decided to interview one specific teacher that has sticked in McLean for about 19 years! Here at McLean she is one of our amazing social studies teachers  and she is the only geography teacher in this school.We are happy to talk about and present Mrs.Houston Martin. She has put in a bunch of work over these years into her students in order to lead them to success in their futures.That is why we appreciate her a lot her at McLean. Mrs.Houston Martin has become the teacher that every student looks forward to during the day.

We decided to interview her and asker a couple of questions about how it has been to work and teach here at McLean and what it took to get here. She began by telling us that this school has changed a lot over the years. “When i first came to this school there was only 600 hundred students in total, now there is about 1,000.” We asked her why she decided to come to this school her response was simple and she said “It sounded like a good school”.Mrs.Houston Martin has not only taught U.S history but she has also taught math, english, avid, and science.She got her experience in college by teaching other students. We also asked her what her favorite part of being a teacher was she responded with ” I love my students they are great and they are fun to work with.”  We ended up by asking her what her hobbies were she said ” I enjoy gardening and writing during my free time.” We ended up this interview by asking her what her favorite quote was and that she strongly believes in  the quote is ” by falling to prepare , you are preparing to fail. This quote is inspired by Benjamin Franklin.

We would like to thank Mrs.Houston Martin for all of the hard work she puts in to her students and classes. We also appreciate her for making time for us to have an interview with her.

-Valeria, Lanesha.