Summer Break Activities🌺🥥🌊


Summer and fresh Watermelon, iced lemonade, and beachy vibes are coming once school is over. But, without school to keep you busy, wouldn’t you get bored? Here are some activities to do to keep your mind entertained and amused!

      • Go to a theme park (Ex: Six Flags)
      • Go swimming
      • Start a new TV series
      • Go to an escape room
      • Make a fairy garden
      • Make a time capsule
      • Go to an art museum with friends/family (Ex: Kimble, Modern)
      • Read a book
      • Go to the zoo
      • Paint rocks
      • Draw on driveways or sidewalks with chalk
      • Make homemade ice cream
      • Make bracelets
      • Go on a hike
      • Go on a bike ride
      • Stargaze
      • Go to an aquarium
      • Have a sleepover with your friends
      • Make smores
      • Bake something
      • Make some fresh lemonade
      • Go shopping (if you can)
      • Go to a waterpark
      • Go get frozen yogurt/ice cream with friends/family
      • Make a summer playlist
      • Go to the movies
      • Try a new drawing style
      • Have a picnic with friends/family
      • Go to a farmer’s market
      • Make fruity popsicles
      • Go to a coffee shop
      • Go roller skating

Hopefully, these give some ideas to mind about ways to spend your time this summer!