STAAR and MAP: what’s the difference?


Spencer M.

All the standardized testing might be overwhelming but there is quite a simple solution to studying. Studying for MAP can much different from studying for STAAR so learning the difference can be a key step .

-STAAR is a test that covers everything you learned from the subject during the year and for Math and Science you will receive a STAAR chart with formulas. STAAR tests are based on the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills or TEAKS which is the state curriculum.

STAAR notes

  • It is an achievement test
  • Everyone has the same questions
  • Checks TEAKS or things you learned
  • Mean to see if you learned everything you were supposed to learn
  • Tests main subjects (Math/Ela) plus Social Studies and Science

-MAP on the other hand is a test to determine where you are compared to the rest of the U.S. It is a Test to determine how much you have grown. In My interveiw with Mr. Caulder he stated, Map is a aptitude to test exactly what you know so Everyone has different questions.”

MAP notes

  • An Aptitude test
  • Everyone had different questions
  • Gives you gradually harder question
  • Compares you to other students in your grade
  • Tests main subjects (Math/Ela)
  • Judges how long you take on each question

These are the main things that you need to know about the difference between MAP and STAAR. Now you are ready for testing! Thanks for reading!