Celebrating Mrs. Truss!


Monday, April 4, is national school librarian day, so we decided to highlight our amazing librarian Mrs. Truss!

Frances Truss has been a librarian for 10 years, four of which she has spent here at McLean! In college, Mrs. Truss worked to become a teacher and coach, but in her sixth year of teaching, she decided that she wanted to stay in education, but get out of the classroom. After a lot of thought and advice from her mother, Mrs. Truss realized she would make a great librarian because of her passion for education and love for reading.

Mrs. Truss said that before leaving for high school, every student here should read a book called “Between Shades of Gray,” which is a historical fiction novel about the terrors citizens faced during World War 2. She also said that one of the most important things to do when looking for a book is to branch out. She said, “I have read so many different books that I wouldn’t have read otherwise thanks to my ability to branch out!”

Mrs. Truss is an outstanding Librarian and a great role model to celebrate on this national day!