Madagascar Jr. Rehearsals are in Full Swing


Charlotte Woods

In case you were unaware, McLean has 3 plays that we put on every year. This year we have done Law and Order Fairy Tale Unit and The Three Musketeers. We are excited to bring you Madagascar, A Musical Adventure Jr. later this Spring! Rehearsals began the Tuesday after Spring Break and all actors have worked hard ever since. If you love the Madagascar Movies, or are a McLean Theater Fan, you should come support all of the actors and the director, Ms. Guess, and the Music Director, Ms Mainer, come see the show on May 20 and 21. It will be a great show and will provide you with lots of humor to end out the school year! Below is the cast list!


Alex – Raines Morrisett

Marty – Charlotte Woods

Gloria – Jay Alvarado

Melman – Tristan Batey



Zookeeper Zelda – Ella Chumchal

Zookeeper Zeke – Sebi Boling

Zookeeper Zoe – Ella Williams

Mason – Jack Andersen

Lioness #1 – Rubi Ruvalcaba

Lionesses – Audrey Middleton, Loni Chafer


Skipper – Isabel Zamarripa

Kowalski – Jack Docker 

Private – Lauren Beaulieu

Rico – Ted Stewart


King Julien – Gabriel Alonso

Mort – Nicola Renegar

Lynn – Sahana Talwar

Lew – Marley Gurney

Lee – Abby Walters

Lars – Xander Sampeck

Maurice – Drew Rhodes

Ensemble (Zoo Guests/New Yorkers)

Andy Garcia

Ashley Saldivar

Audrey Hingst

Audrey Middleton

Bo Jones

Cecilia Garcia-Diaz

Felix Lyle

Genesis Armenta

Grace Sama

Jenna Gurney

Kate Cothran

Katherine Williams

Loni Chafer

Luci Gonzalez-Nguyen

Lydia Gray

Maggie Melton

Rubi Ruvalcaba

Stella Colaw


Featured Ensemble Roles

Cameraman – Stella Colaw

Candy Hammernose – Katherine Williams

Passerby – Kate Cothran

Newspaper Man – Jenna Gurney

Old Lady – Cecilia Garcia-Diaz

Police Officer #1 – Felix Lyle

Police Officer #2 – Audrey Hingst

Subway Announcer – Jack Andersen

Animal Control Officers – Andy Garcia, Ashley Saldivar

Ship’s Captain – Bo Jones

Lemurs – Jenna Gurney, Lydia Gray, Kate Cothran, Grace Sama, Maggie Melton

Foosa Leader – Felix Lyle

Foosa – Andy Garcia, Cecilia Garcia-Diaz, Genesis Armenta, Jack Andersen, Luci Gonzalez-Nguyen, Stella Colaw

Lead Servers – Audrey Hingst, Bo Jones, Katherine Williams

Servers – Ella Chumchal, Ella Williams, Sebi Boling

Steaks – Audrey Middleton, Rubi Ruvalcaba, Loni Chafer


As you can see we have a large cast, so if you see any of your friends names on here give them a big congrats!