Studying for STAAR

Sahana Talwar

Now that we’ve past spring break, we’re in the final stretch of the year. It’s almost the last six weeks, and we’re not too far from summer, but that also means that we have tests.

Preparing for a STAAR test or an EOC can be hard and stressful. Sometimes it’s hard to find example questions, but there’s a solution.

To start, go to this website. Now scroll down to the bottom, and click on “Practice Tests Login”. This should open a new tab. Don’t worry about anything besides the sign in button. All you have to do is click it. Then, select your grade level.

If you want to take a test that’s not in your grade, choose the grade level the test is.

Scroll down to “STAAR released and practice tests” which is blue. There should be released STAAR and EOC tests from a few different years. Click the one you want to take.

Now you can take a practice STAAR or EOC before the real deal.