National days to celebrate: April 4 – April 10


Sahana Talwar

We all know the holidays like Christmas and Halloween, but everyday has many small celebrations of its own. The easiest way to find them is with the National Day Calendar, but if you don’t want to read through a week of seemingly random celebrations, here are some of the most fun and interesting national days this week.

National hug a newsperson day 4/4/22

Newspeople work hard to bring us updates around the world. National hug a newsperson day reminds us to be thankful for the hard working newspeople. If you see one, ask permission before hugging them. You can also send appreciation texts or letters.

National school librarian day 4/4/22

School libraries provide students with access to books, but without a librarian, it would be hard to keep it running. Make sure to thank Mrs. Truss for everything she does.

National walk around things day 4/4/22

This holiday can be taken figuratively or literally. You could literally walk around things, or you could figuratively walk around problems.

National first contact day 4/5/22

Not all national days celebrate the past or present. National first contact day celebrates a day in the future when we will make contact with aliens. Are we celebrating in vain? You get to decide.

National read a road map day 4/5/22

That’s right! Today, you’ll be practicing reading a road map. It might seem pointless, but if your GPS stops working, a road map might save your life.

National bookmobile day 4/6/22

A bookmobile is a library on wheels, and today is the day that we celebrate the bookmobile’s impact. Bookmobiles have made books more accessible to many people.

National girl, me too day 4/7/22

National girl, me too day celebrates all the achievements, big and small, every woman has made. It’s a day to celebrate women’s achievements and keep fighting for total equality.

National all is ours day 4/8/22

National all is ours day reminds us to be grateful for what we have. Count your blessings, and consider volunteering or donating to charity.

National name yourself day 4/9/22

Sometimes we get tired of hearing our name over and over again, and we just need a change. National name yourself day is the day where you can “change your name.” Come up with a new name for the day.

National former prisoner of war day 4/9/22

National former prisoner of war day recognizes people who have been prisoners of war. Many of them weren’t treated well. Consider listening to some of their stories.

National siblings day 4/10/22

Anyone who has a sibling can celebrate this day. Instead of fighting with your sibling, try to spend time with them and make lasting memories.

Every day has something to celebrate, so make sure to keep up with all the holidays with the National Day Calendar.