The Yearbook is out of our hands


Sahana Talwar

On Wednesday March 23, yearbook students had a pizza party celebrating finishing the yearbook. The students have been working all year to take pictures, write captions, and capture memories.

“It was pretty hard at sometimes, but people were always helpful. It just turned into a really fun time” – Abby Walters

“It’s something we’ve been working on for so long, but it’ll be a little bit weird not working on it.” – Felix Lyle

“It was really fun and exciting because I got to express our year through a bunch of captions and images, and I also got to work with a bunch of my friends.” – Briel Meadows

“I feel good. It took a while, but it was great.” – Ryan Mcnickol

Our yearbook team is very proud of their accomplishment, and we hope you enjoy the yearbook we’ve made which should be arriving sometime in May.