Impossible Inventions

Sahana Talwar

English 1 is a class filled with fun projects. The most recent one had students thinking outside of what’s possible. Students worked in groups to invent a product that was impossible. Then, the students had to create a short presentation as to why someone should invest in the product.

Students were very creative with both their inventions and presentations.


“Everyone experiences those embarrassing moments from time to time. We all know the feeling when your stomach seems to drop to the floor, and your head starts spinning. You could get rid of that right now! With a simple click of a button all of those embarrassing moments could be erased from existence!”

Undo is an impossible invention created by Ella Chumchal, Eva Hayes, Nemi Resendiz, and Olivia Martinez. Undo is a button you can press to erase embarrassing memories for the price of $699.99


“Stranded on the toilet? Don’t have enough money to buy toilet paper. Calling across the house for someone to help you out? Don’t worry we got you! Introducing Infinitt!”

Infinitt is an impossible invention created by Berivan Hama Kareem, Caleah Johnson, Luci Gonzalez, and Sahana Talwar. Infinitt is an infinite toilet paper roll that you can buy for only $30.00.

Voice Volumizer

“With the V.V., you’ll never have to worry about loud places again! By using the simple controls to alter the volume of a room or person, you can now find peace in the middle of chaos.”

The Voice Volumizer (V.V.) is an impossible invention created by Manvi Sharma, Sophia Pozos, Lilly Gunderson, Mae Krogness, and Kamryn Reyna.

There are many more inventions that students came up with. If you’re ever bored, coming up with an impossible invention and creating an advertisement for it is a great way to pass the time.