10 Ways to survive the End of the World


Sahana Talwar

Spending three years in one elective is commitment. One such elective is theatre 3 taught by Ms. Guess. Theatre 3 students are required to do a class play, and this year’s class play is 10 Ways to Survive the End of the World by Don Zolidis.

Since there are two theatre 3 classes, one class will get a sneak peek of high school and will be performing at Paschal while the other class will be on a mission to recruit students to the theatre program by performing at the Mclean 6th grade center.

The play itself is very short and can have a cast of 8 or 50. It’s a play that demonstrates ways to survive ten different ways of the world ending. A few ways that could be our demise include killer machines, apes taking over, super smart bunnies, and of course, aliens.

Unfortunately, the play won’t be performed here at Mclean, but it’s such a great show that it’s worth reading the script. Maybe something out Don Zolidis’s imagination will be the end of our world.