Astounding art submitted to Tarrant County Safe City Art Contest

Sahana Talwar

Art is something anyone can do. Each year more and more people find a form of art they enjoy and grow more confident with it. That’s why more than 30 students from McLean entered this year’s Tarrant County Safe City Art Contest.

This year’s theme was, “My life has purpose.” It asked students to think about how they specifically can instill hope in themselves and others in their community to preserve life and end violence.

1st place won $75.00. 2nd place was $50.00, and 3rd place was $25.00. The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners also go on to compete for the grand prize against all other Tarrant County students who won at their school. The grand prize is $1000 and an all-expense paid trip to Disney world.


1st place: Abby Couet with her painting titled “Harmony”

2nd place: Rainen Bailey with his painting titled “The Field”

3rd place: Jack Roydes with his drawing called “Blooming Hope”

Congratulations to the winners, and we hope these art pieces have inspired you to think about your purpose.