Blind Date With A Book!


  1. Valentines Day is just around the corner. Do you need a Companion? Well, Mrs.Truss, our Librarian is giving you an offer to have your own date, but with a book! Your chances of getting a great story are better with a book than with your average 7th or 8th-grade crush.


1. Start by grabbing a book in the library that is wrapped.

2. Take it to Mrs.Truss and she will check it out for you!

3. Unwrap your book!

4. You must keep your book for 3 days.

5. When you are done reading your book fill out the pink or white bookmark and give it to Mrs.Truss to display.

This event started on February 7th and will end when all book dates are gone. So you better get down to the library fast to get yourself a date.