Mrs. Voltz and Mrs. Engel warm hearts by adopting bats


Sahana Talwar

Humans have certainly made an impact on the environment, and that can have catastrophic effects on wildlife. Places like zoos and sanctuaries exist to try and rehabilitate wildlife. Many of these places allow you to “adopt” (sponsor) an animal. When you “adopt” an animal from a zoo or sanctuary, you pay for the animal’s needs such as food. This is a great way to help the environment, and recently Mrs. Voltz’s and Mrs. Engel’s classes classes decided this was something they wanted to do.

“Bats are my favorite animal”, said science teacher Mrs. Voltz. She went on to explain that this combined with the fact that her classes were learning about adaptation and dichotomous keys led her to the idea that she should adopt a bat. She and Mrs. Engel started looking for a way to adopt a bat and discovered Bat World Sanctuary in Weatherford which allows you to sponsor a bat.

From there it was just a matter of choosing which bat to sponsor. Mrs. Voltz and Mrs. Engel gave their classes a week to cast their votes. Benger the Avenger and Gizmo both won with 70 votes each. On closer inspection, they found that most people who voted for Benger the Avenger were from Mrs. Votz’s classes, and most who voted for Gizmo were from Mrs. Engel’s classes.

It cost $35.00 for 1 bat and only an additional $25.00 for the second one. However, this was a worthy investment. Mrs. Votz and Mrs. Engel got pictures of their bats, many informational tidbits about the bat species and the bats’ personal stories which could help the classes learn more about the bats if they’re interested.

Mrs. Voltz and Mrs. Engel have also considered doing a virtual field trip to see the bats, but that would require a petition because it would cost money, and the district can’t buy anything from a non-district-approved vendor. Even if a virtual field trip doesn’t happen, students can still watch the 24/7 bat-cams.

Mrs. Voltz and Mrs. Engel encourage everyone to adopt a bat from Bat World Sanctuary. It’s a great way to give back to the environment that we’ve taken so much from.