McLean Cardinal Generously Buys Presents for Other Kids


Abigail Walters

While all of us were on break, 7th grader Ryan Parra was hard at work, selling cookies to buy christmas presents for kids in need.

Ryan wanted to do something to help people, and at the start of the break, he decided to start Karate Boy Cookies. He wanted to do something most people our age don’t even think about, and he decided to buy toys for kids who would otherwise have none this Christmas. “I wanted to inspire people to think about others,” he said, and he has definitely done just that. In fact, he has inspired people so much that he was featured on NBC5 as #SomethingGood

We kids tell ourselves that we are too small to do something great. Ryan’s actions this holiday season clearly demonstrate the opposite. No matter who you are or where you come from, you can make a difference. When you get an opportunity to make someone’s life awesome, choose kindness like Ryan.