New year, New you


Caitlynn Stecker

This is Kezia kicking away the negative energy from 2021.

We all love a long break, but sometimes getting back into your daily routines can be difficult. Lucky for you this article will be giving you tips and tricks on how to jump back into your school life and make beneficial changes for you in the new year.

Setting a schedule and making routines :

Creating a schedule for yourself is a great way to get your life back on track. To make a good schedule you’ll want to create a list of things that need to be done. Once you’ve written your task pick out the priorities or the things that need to get done first. The top priorities on your list will be what you want to accomplish first so, create time frames that you’ll want to achieve these tasks in. Now that you’ve gotten the hard stuff sorted out, it’s time for the fun and more personal activities. It’s important to have a balance of work and play as well as a time to rest. If you want to balance out your day find small but pleasing tasks you can do in between your schedule, like going for a walk or packing your favorite snack/meal. All these things will make your day more enjoyable.

Creating goals and building good habits :

Many people kick off the new year by setting goals for themselves. Fifty percent of Americans create new year’s resolutions, but only eight percent actually complete them. If you want to be that eight percent here are some tips. When creating a goal for yourself make sure it’s manageable, some people make unrealistic goals for themselves causing them to be overwhelmed and give up quickly. So, start off the year with a manageable goal like reading for 10 minutes each day and build up from there. Another very important thing is when setting a goal for yourself stay persistent. Many people have trouble maintaining goals because they lack consistency. Goals can NOT be achieved without discipline and consistency. So if that means waking up at 5:45 to work out or staying up till 10:00 to complete your work do it, push through. You will never meet your goals by wishing on a star.

A great way to start the new year is by building good and healthy habits. It’s a great way to better yourself and build confidence. There are many great habits you can set for yourself like self-affirmations when you wake up. All these things are a great way to excel as an individual person. Warren Buffett once said, “Chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken”.


May all your dreams be felt? :

I hope this article will benefit you to its fullest. This year try focusing on yourself. We’ve had a hard two years and now it’s time to take your struggles from last year wash them away and start fresh. Don’t forget to stay persistent but most importantly stay positive. May you receive the best gifts this year whether they are physically or mentally.

Learn how to grow as a person and not through others, we tend to compare ourselves to what other people are doing. This could lead to self-doubt and insecurities. So this year try excelling as a person!