Games you may or may not know about

Johnatan Flores

There are a lot of games out there and in the sea of them there may be some you would like but you just don’t know about so here are a few games I hope you’ll like


  1. Inscryption takes place in a cabin where you try to escape by making a deck that can defeat PO3. The game is riddled with mystery’s and not trying to spoil anything but losing may not be so bad
  2. subnautica is a free roam game where you the player crash landed on the planet that seems to be made up of all water there are tons of different types of fish and plants and some may not be so friendly as you find parts to build a escape rocket you find out you where not the first one to stay on that planet
  3. Lost in random first starts in onecroft with the main character even who is 11 and her older sister odd who is about to turn 12 in this world when you turn 12 the queen with the only remaining dice gives it to you to roll and the number you land on is where yo shall live there is onecroft,two town,threedom,fourburg,fivetropolis, and sixtopia when her sister is taken by the queen even runs away from home to try to get her back going through every town with a friend dicey.

Even if you don’t have the time or the device to play maybe you can watch a play through while doing homework or relaxing