Giving back to your community


Sahana Talwar

Community service is rewarded with a good feeling. Whether you’re volunteering because you want to or because your parents think you should, here are some ideas of how to give back to your community.

Clean a Park

The first idea is a pretty simple one; clean a park. I’m sure you can find a park near you that has some trash lying around. All you need is a trash bag, some gloves, and if you’re feeling fancy, a little trash grabber. Then find a park and begin cleaning. This is a simple way to give back to your community while also helping the environment.

Volunteer at a Food Bank

Another pretty easy way to help people out is to volunteer at a food bank. There’s several different ways to help at a food bank. You can sort food, hand out meals, or maybe even grow fruits and vegetables if the food bank has a garden. 

One food bank that has a lot of great volunteer opportunities is Tarrant Area Food Bank. They have lots of different things you can do. Make sure you read the details before signing up for something because some jobs have age requirements.

Collect Supplies

There are plenty of places that need supplies such as homeless shelters or food banks. Instead of just buying supplies and donating it, have a fundraiser, and use the money to buy the supplies. You could have a bake sale, a lemonade stand or something unrelated to food and drinks. Or you could go around your neighborhood with a list asking people if they have any extras of anything on the list for a charity (state which charity). Then donate it to that charity.


Of course you don’t have to go gathering supplies. You could just donate what you have. There are plenty of places that could use a donation of money, food, clothes, or other things.

Simple acts of Kindness

You don’t have to clean a whole park or build a bench to help people out. Doing simple things like raking a neighbor’s leaves or walking dogs for free are just as good. There are plenty of simple, easy ways to help people around you. 

While these are some great ways to help your community, there are plenty of other ways as well. If none of these appeal to you then go search something up online. As long as you’re helping your community, you’ll feel great.