Happy Holiday Movies


Sahana Talwar

The holiday season is a time to be with family. One fun thing you can do with your family is watch a movie. Here are some of the best Holiday movies.

The Grinch

This is a classic Christmas movie that everyone has seen. It’s about the Grinch who hates Christmas. There are several different movies about the Grinch, so even if you’ve seen the Grinch before, you probably haven’t seen every version.


This is another great Christmas movie that’s really funny. Buddy is a human that’s been raised as an over-sized elf at the North Pole. He decides to meet his biological father in the real world that isn’t anything like the North Pole.

Christmas Chronicles

This Christmas movie will give you a sense of family after watching Kate and Teddy Pierce go on a magical Christmas adventure. Meeting Santa and saving Christmas makes them closer siblings.

Christmas Chronicles 2

The sequel to Christmas Chronicles is just as good as the first. Kate and Teddy’s mom has fallen in love, but Kate doesn’t want a “new family”. At the same time, Belsnickel, a rogue elf turned human, is trying to destroy Christmas. Kate and her new step brother Jack manage to save Christmas, and Kate realizes a new family might not be so bad.

These are just a few of the many Holiday movies out there. Grab your snack and enjoy the movies!

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