Oklahoma Sooners Football Team Falling Apart

Penn Simonson

Breaking news for all Oklahoma University fans! Lincoln Riley has decided to accept his job as a coach at USC. Even more shocking, the defensive coordinator Alex Grinch will also be leaving the Sooner football program. But why would these coaches leave a great team like OU? Some speculate it’s because Oklahoma will be joining the SEC conference, and he might be unsure about the outcome. Not only are our great coaches leaving, but we also lost the Bedlam game against OSU by 4 points! I watched the game, and OU had a 9 point lead, but after I saw they lost my heart dropped. Obviously, I’m sure our new coaches will be great and ready to serve the OU football team. Also if you enjoy pregame talk you might want to check out the Sports Animal. My favorite guy is Al Eschbach, who has been with the radio station for more than 40 years and is even in the sports commentator Hall of Fame. Wait a minute I almost forgot. Bob Stoops will be coaching OU’s bowl game! What a pleasant surprise for all the OU fans out there. That’s about all I have to say about the Oklahoma Football team, but stay tuned, for I will give another short update soon! BOOMER SOONER!

4 Days Later

UPDATE: The following players have entered the transfer portal to different teams. Spencer Rattler (benched QB), Austin Stogner (tight end), and sadly Jadon Haselwood (wide receiver). We are still lucky, however, to have running back Kennedy Brooks and Marvin Mims. I believe most OU fans are hoping no more players will leave, because we might not stand a chance at our bowl game. Theo Wease also recently entered the transfer portal, and Marvin Mims is now strongly considering following along. The Sooners have been hit pretty hard this week, with potentially more along the way. I will update again soon on the outcome of the next 4 or so days. BOOMER SOONER!

4 Days Later

UPDATE: Incredible news came in late last night that Oklahoma’s new head coach is… Brent Venables! While I was getting ready to go to bed yesterday, my sister runs to my brother and I and says we have a new head coach, that was announced 13 minutes ago. I was happy, but not overjoyed, and today during the assembly, former linebacker for the New York Giants said that HE attended USC, where Lincoln Riley currently is. He described how they stole him from Oklahoma for a large amount of money, coming in rumored to be 110 million dollars. I do not believe that any other players will be entering the transfer portal, and hopefully we can pull in some great new players. Let’s talk about our bowl game. We will be playing against number 15 Oregon Ducks in the Alamo Bowl on December 29th. This will be the final update for the article. Until next time, BOOMER SOONER!