Cardinals Start Season With Slam Dunk!


Lucy Hinkle

Monday, November 15, was the start of the Cardinal basketball season! Six out of our eight teams took home a victory last night. The Eighth Grade boys and girls A teams won their games against Rosemont! The boys’ score was 81-26 and the girls’ was 41-7! The seventh grade A teams also won their games against Rosemont. Boys’, 41-5 and girls’, 39-3! 7th grade B teams won their games against KirkPatrick! The boys’ score was 34-19 and the girls’ score was 19-0!

Unfortunately, our 8th B teams lost against KirkPatrick but played hard until the very end! The girl’s had a very close game with a final score of 23-17. The boy’s ended the game with an even closer score of 41-36!

Everyone played a great game, and we are so excited to see how the rest of the season will turn out!