Color Blast adds a splash of color to students’ Friday


Sahana Talwar

Last Friday, November 12th, students got to add a splash of color before the weekend with Mclean’s annual Color Blast. The Color Blast is a way for students to have a great time while also raising money for the school. This year the school raised 38,000 dollars, so thank you to everyone who bought color packets.

The Color Blast started at 3:00 pm with students being let outside into the plaza. There was a dj and free sunglasses for everyone to enjoy. Students got to hang out with friends and dance before the color war began.

Each student got at least one color packet before entering the blast zone. Then, the war began. Kids were yelling and running everywhere. Color was flying through the air. Almost no person left without color stained hair, clothes, or face.

Students I spoke with mostly enjoyed the event, though some found the cleanup a bit of a challenge.”It was fun”, said Abby Walters. “My favorite part was getting hit in the face with powder”, said Dylan Hunt. One student said they did not enjoy getting a mouthful of colored powder. Truly a memory they will not forget.

Whether you loved Color Blast or you are still finding colored cornstarch behind your ears, Color Blast definitely made a mark in our year.