Apply Today for Gold Seal Programs And School Of Choice !

Valerie Castillo

FWISD Gold Seal Programs And School Of Choice is an opportunity for 8th grade students to high school students .Gold Seal School Of Choice allows you to customize your educational involvement . For example, If you have a interest in cosmetology there are programs and schools that provide learning experience . The opportunities are endless,  communities that offer internships, college credit hours and many more . 

 Want To Apply ?

 This website is where you can apply in which there will be application instructions available.The Deadline for the applications are December 12th at 11:59 PM.

Open House

November 8th to 18th is the deadline to attend in which many high schools will be open with many programs and opportunities for you ! For the schedule you can go to



 For more information talk to your counselor or visit the website above .