Attendance Matters @ McLean

Missing school may cause you to have to do attendance recovery.


Charlotte Woods and Zachary Turbeville

Hey, students, did you know if you miss a day or more of school your friends miss you and your teachers worry about you?

IDEA, a law covering education, states that you must must be at the school for at least 4 hours before you can leave and not be counted absent. If you miss more than 8 days (excused or unexcused) you must attend attendance recovery which is held after school from 4:30 till 5:20.

If you don’t want to go to attendance recovery make sure to get to school on time and to stay in class. Your friends and teachers would like to spend time with you and teach you and they don’t want to see you in attendance recovery. Just remember: “Attendance Counts and Matters @ McLean.”

We’ll be seeing you!