Welcome Mrs. Phelps, our Phenomenal Assistant Principal


Mrs. Phelps is the newest of our wonderful assistant principals here at McLean. You’ve probably seen her in the halls welcoming students in the mornings or helping out in various other areas. We asked her a few questions to get to know her more. Here is some of the information we gathered.

Mrs. Phelps went to Louisiana Tech for college. She received 2 bachelors degrees in Biology and Chemistry and a Masters in Teaching. 

She expressed that is happy to have found a home at McLean. She loves how the students are so responsive. They ask how her day is going and seem genuinely interested in her response. Her favorite thing to do here is welcome the students in the morning. She loves seeing their smiling faces. Her goal is to “be kind and impact a larger community”. Another thing she loves about McLean is the teachers, faculty, and staff. “They are always so kind to me,” she said. 

Mrs. Phelps holds schooling close to her heart. She grew up in a family of educators, after all! She says, “Education is the key to everything.”

In conclusion, Mrs. Phelps is a kind, caring Assistant Principal and we are proud to have her as a McLean cardinal!