Getting to know Google Drive


Sahana Talwar

Have you been looking for a way to show off? Well here are a few cool things you can do on google docs, slides and more!

Choose your own adventure story

We all remember those awesome choose your own adventure stories. Well, you can create them on google slides. All you have to do is create your scenario, make a button or link a piece of text to another slide in the presentation.

Color by number

This is something that lots of teachers use for assignments. You have a drop down menu to choose the correct answer to a question, and if you get it right a color appears. I wasn’t able to figure out how to change the color when the question is answered correctly, but you can still create a color number correlation. It is slightly complicated, so buckle up, and have a look at the tutorial for visuals.

You don’t have to do this part, but I recommend that you do. Got to the top left corner of the spreadsheet, to the left of the A and above the 1. Click that box. Now hover your cursor between two letters such as A and B, and click and drag until the box is a square. Now click off.

Highlight a group of boxes (not the whole thing but a reasonable size). Click “format”, then click “conditional formatting”. Click “add another rule”. Where it says “Is not empty”, select “Is equal to”. Next, type in 1 in the box below it. Then where it says “formatting style”, change the fill and text color. Click done. Now add some more color number rules.

I would suggest making a little key for yourself off to the side so you know which color goes with which number. Now test it out. If you type a number correlated with a color into one of the boxes you highlighted earlier and press enter, it should change color. It only works if you press enter though. Then if wish to get rid of the grid lines, simply click on “view” and turn them off.Happy coloring!

Frame a picture

This one is fun and can save time when making a presentation. Instead of having to edit the picture on your phone and then send it to your computer, you can just choose a frame from google slides.

This is really simple to do. You just insert an image, make sure you’ve clicked on it, then click on the symbol on the right of the symbol for adding a comment. From there you can choose which shape you want your picture to be, and it will change accordingly.

Making a picture with google slides

This one is a bit basic, but it can be a very fun, creative way to make an interesting picture. First, create your picture, then go to file, then download as a jpeg.

These are just of the few fun tricks you can do in google drive. So try a few for yourself and explore more ways to use google drive.