Interested in Inking?


Sahana Talwar

Are you an artist, or just someone who wants to improve their drawing skill? Whoever you are, Inktober is a great way to get into the spirit of inking.

Inktober is an event put on by a website. The website sends out a prompt list each year with a prompt you can do each day of October.

While October may be over, the prompts are still up and you can participate next year.

If you’re wondering how Inktober came to our attention, it was something that the amazing teacher Ms. Voltz decided that the Brilliant Artisan Teens would be doing all of October.

If you weren’t previously aware of these clubs, you may still be able to join. Ms. Voltz says that the Brilliant Artisan Teens are still taking members.

Inktober is definitely something fun to do during October. So we’ll be waiting for next year’s prompt list!