How to Get your Life More Organized in 3 Steps as a Middle Schooler


Sadie Engel

So I see you clicked on my article, well no judgment we all need a little bit of help getting organized again. I guess you’re wondering how to get organized as a student, well hopefully these things can help improve your day and happy mentality! 


Step:1 Organize your backpack


Now we all know that eventually our backpacks just become big stuff holders that can get pretty overwhelming especially when you can find your homework in that mess and you realize you left it at home, now that’s what i’m here to help with. There’s a very simple solution: organize your backpack. First empty your bag, then go through your folders and figure out what you need to throw away and organize the different parts on your backpack.For example find a place for everything, make a place or slot to put all of your books in, put some notebook paper in all of your folders and there you go! Now you will always have a place to put your homework for each class and you will be able to find your work before you can say, I NEED TO FIND MY HOMEWORK! 


Step2: Dedicate a time before or after school to get all your homework done


This goes along with making a schedule. Do you ever forget to do your homework, yeah we’ve all been there. Here is your solution: set assied 30 minutes to an hour in your schedule to get some homework done like before you take a shower, or right when you get home. Even if you’re a morning person you can do it when you wake up and get it done. This way you always get it done at the same time and don’t have to worry about forgetting to do it or leaving it at home. 


Step 3: Use a planner

Now this is more of a personal preference but I would really recommend it. It doesn’t have to be too pricey, just any old notebook will do. I like to write down each class the date and what we did, if i am assigned homework I write that down too. At the end of the day check your notebook/planner and this will help you remember how much homework you have. 


There you go! You’re all set and ready for an absolutely amazing day! Just like that you are organized and ready to continue being a great student. Go Cardinals!