Exciting events bring Cardinal spirit to McLean! 2021-2022 Calendar


Hey cardinals! Here are some events that will take place during the 21-22 school year! The events listed below are not 100% official dates and could change, but remember to have fun and show your cardinal spirit!


October 9th/11th – NO SCHOOL! (Students enjoy your 4 day weekend also known as fall break)


October 13th – PSAT  for 8th graders (Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test)


October 18th – Fall Choir concert ( Come see the 6th/7th/8th graders sing beautifully for their fall concert.)


October 21st- Fall band concert  (come see the 7th/8th graders perform during the band concert)


October 29th – Haunted Halloween Party/Dance (7:00-9:00pm) (Just like our fall fiesta dance, come join with all your friends in a spooktastic halloween dance.)


November 3rd and 4th – Theater Play: Law and Order Fairy Tale Unit (Come support McLean Theater in this fun and entertaining theater play) 


November 12th – Color blast (have fun in this color explosion event while throwing around color packets and listening to fun music with your friends) 


November 22th-26th – Thanksgiving break (This is a week-long break for you to spend with family or friends. You might even go on a vacation while enjoying your week off. Make sure to give thanks by eating some turkey and having a family dinner.)


December 8th- Winter band concert (come see the 7/8th graders in there winter band concert and see how much they’ve progressed from there previous concert)


December 20th/January 4th- Winter break ( have fun during a week off in winter! Perfect to go on vacation, play in the snow or just stay warm inside.)


March 14th/18th- Spring break (enjoy a week off during spring to go on vacation and hang out with friends/family)


March 14th to 18th – 8th grade Florida trip


March 25th – Spring Fling(7:00-9:00pm) (Come join with friends at the spring fling! Fun dancing, food and activities.)