Interesting Art done in Inktober


Sahana Talwar

The Brilliant Artisan Teens are celebrating October as Inktober! If you’re not sure who the Brilliant Artisan Teens are, I’d suggest reading this article by Xander Sampeck as it is very informative.

To sum it up for you, the Brilliant Artisan Teens (BATs) are a school club. The club is an art club hosted by Ms. Voltz. She has decided that the students will be doing Inktober, making art with pens for all the  meetings during October.

I wanted to find out more about the inspiration for this idea, so I interviewed Ms. Voltz.

Ms. Voltz informed me that Inktober is an event put on by a website. The website sends out a prompt list each year with a prompt you can do each day. Ms Voltz has felt that she’s never had the time to do Inktober so this year she’s doing it along with the Brilliant Artisan Teens.

The Brilliant Artisan Teens are still taking members if you’re interested in joining. But if you don’t have the time, Ms. Voltz has expressed interest in continuing the club next year if allowed.

Ms. Voltz says she’s excited about Inktober, and you should be too. So find today’s prompt, and put pen to paper.

Which of these would make a good Inktober prompt?


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