Get To Know Ms.Denham (Art Teacher)

Mclean Middle School has many memorable teachers and students, but today we will be talking about Ms.Denham, a very talented art teacher! Ms.Denham has been teaching at Mclean since 2019. This year will be her third year. Currently her classroom is #218. She attended University of North Texas in Denton where she earned a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Drawing and Painting and a second BFA in Art Education with a minor in Art History.

Ms.Denham gets inspiration for art projects from talented artists who push boundaries in art. She believes that students can connect and get inspiration from their art.  She also likes that art class allows students to experience creativity to not be stuck with the same artists which we have seen so many times.

Fun facts About Ms.Denham

She has 3 two cats, a fish tank, and a tortoise. She also loves to garden and spends her free time designing her dream garden in her backyard!

Ms.Denham’s favorite quote is by Eleanor Roosevelt: “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.”