Never miss an assignment again! How to develop a routine


Do you struggle with routine? It could be morning,after school, or even night! Recently I have discovered a way that helps me out in my daily life. I hope this following information could help you make your days easier. Here are some tips I collected from my fellow classmates. 

  • Make a To-Do list daily 
  • Get a planner to organize your daily plans
  • Make one event everyday that will always be in your routine no matter what(whenever you first create the routine choose one major step that will always be included in it.) 
  • Test out a few layout routines and see what fits you best! 
  • Make a list before bed of the things you need to do in the morning 


Hopefully these brief tips can help you make a routine. Personally whenever I was first creating my routine, I made time stamps for myself so I would know when to move on to my next step in the goals for myself. Never feel pressured to have a set routine that will never change. As you change, your routine will change as well. What I mean by this is that as you grow you will realize that not everything you used to do will work for you now.  I do wish that these tips will help you make your life just a few steps easier.