Fun And Fresh Activities To Do In Your Free Time!


Nicola Renegar and Charlotte Words

After school, many people have sports and other activities that fill their time, but what to do in your free time is still undecided. What most people do in their free time is usually watch tv, but that can get old, so here are some fresh new options to fill your time. Activities usually aren’t free, but there are cheaper options to be found. Feel free to skip to the activities that look pleasing to you.


Make a paper airplane show: Our first activity is to make a paper air show using paper airplanes – All you need for a paper air show is paper and an electronic device.  Look up your favorite airplane designs and make it on paper! Make as many as you want and film a fun air show! Be as creative as you want and show it to your friends or family. This activity option is fairly cheap, needing only paper. To take it to the next level you can draw cool designs on the planes!


Read a book: A more common activity is to read a book. Most people, whether they like reading or not, have at least one book,but if not then you can read an online book or check out the school library. Reading might not be fun to all, but once the book has you hooked, it starts to get addicting to read. If you need help finding a book then here are some book recommendations from our very own Book Review: The Raft (Book Review)


Bake some easy recipes: If you are into culinary creations, then this activity is for you! Baking can vary from sweets to anything savary. There are millions of recipes you could use, even if you don’t have many cooking necessities. If you are confused on what to bake, then here is an easy homemade recipe to get you in the spirit of Fall: Fall Treats!


Photo Collage: If you are outgoing and have a lot of freetime, then this might be a good activity for you. Making a photo collage takes time. You can look back at yearbooks or in your camera roll to find some pictures that bring you back to fun times! You can print the pictures that you like out, but if you don’t have a printer you could always trace the photos onto paper. Once you have your photos, you can use tape to attach them to the wall in any creative way you want!


Create a habitat outside: A lot of people have critters and tiny animals in their backyard. If you love animals then this activity might be a good source of your time. Making an animal habitat is cheap and safe for the environment. You can take any outdoor materials and make a tiny home for an animal. Make sure not to use any plastic or harmful materials to guarantee your animals safety. This is a creative activity, so let your imagination flow. 


Write a song: To all the people in choir or who like to sing, then why don’t you make your own song. You can write lyrics about any topic that interests you. It can rhyme or not rhyme, it’s all up to you. If you are feeling extra then why don’t you add music to sing along with!


Obstacle Course: This next one is a childhood favorite; making an obstacle course out of furniture or things in your backyard. This is also a way to get physical activity! You can jump over things, run, or anything else!  Just make sure you ask your parents before you move any furniture.


Create a Board Game: If you are into art and playing games this one’s for you. It is to make your own board game! You can use any materials  you would ever want for this, including cardboard, index cards, markers, paper, etc. It can be your own version of a game you like, such as clue or you can come up with your own! Then, you can get friends and family to play it with you!


Dance: Creating your own music is common, but why not come up with your own dance to go along with it?! You can do this alone, but if you want, you can do a duo with your siblings and friends! You can use your own music that you made up or any other song you like. Turn on the music and get creative and make up your own moves! Once you’re done, you can show it to your family and friends or keep it to yourself. 


Do a puzzle: Everyone has something in their home that they don’t use. If you have a random puzzle or even a game laying around, why not play it? You can also do this activity with any close friends or family. It’s a pretty easy activity if you have a puzzle lying around, but if you don’t, there are many other creative activities. 


If you liked these activities then why not do them in your up and coming Fall Break! These activities can help take away the “I’m bored” in your day and! Fall break equals a lot of freetime, so these activities might be good to keep in mind. We hope these helped and brought you pleasure!