The Melody of the Past: 3 Popular Songs From the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s

Even though we’re not there to witness the publishing of these great songs, we can still acknowledge they’re there. In no order, here is some history of 3 popular songs and their creators in the ’70s and ’80s.

 Sweet Dreams: Eurythmics

  This song was released in 1983 by a group called the Eurythmics consisting of  Annie Lenox and Dave Stewart, and this song, and sold 80,000 copies. In my opinion, this song got onto this list just because of how some of the lyrics are talking about how people can harm you and a lot of people want the same thing in life, which being in middle school can be very applicable

 Stayin’ Alive: The Bee-Gees

     Stayin’ Alive was released in 1977 by the Bee-Gees, consisting of  Barry, Robin, and Maurice Gibb, and was able to sell 25 million copies. I really loved this song just because of the catchy tunes and the voices who sang it. I would give this an eight out of ten on our list.

 I Will Always Love You: Whitney Houston 

    Whitney Houston released this song in 1992 and had an amazing sell rate of 20 million copies. What’s amazing is that this song was actually written for a movie named The Bodyguard, and think you should g watch it. I think this song made this list because it’s just a favorite amongst everyone and just has some good words sung by a talented person.