How to: Creepy Hands for the Halloween Season!-Riley Teafatiller

Riley Teafatiller

If you are in the “Halloween mood”, and you have the artist’s knack, this is a tutorial on how to draw creepy hands!
For this project, you will need any white paper. You will also need a regular No.2 pencil. If you use a mechanical pencil, the led will be too light for the creepy aesthetic. Before you start, choose whether you want your hand/s to go.

Step 1: Very lightly, sketch out this oval kind of shape where you want your hands to go. It is okay if you mess up, that is why you need to go lightly.
Step 2:Now that you have the foundation for the hand, draw small circles along the top part. Do NOT do this for the thumb, you will do that at the end. That is where the joints for the finger will go.
Step 3:Then, erase the middle top, and bottom part of those joint circles because this will then show the initial knuckles for your hand/s.
Step 4:Then start to make unreasonably straight and long lines. When you stop, draw the middle joints for the hand. Remember that you can make your fingers shorter and longer
Step 5:When you are done with the middle joint, repeat the last step for the tip of the finger, but here you can make the end rounded or pointed depending on what you choose
Step 6:Go back and erase any stray lines on the fingers
Step 7:If you want to make your hands a little more creepy, you can shade in between the fingers to show malnutrition
Step 8:Now that you are done with your creepy hands, you can go back and add the wrist and arms if you please.