Zodiacs, What is that ? Find that out now!

Whenever the topic about astrology comes up there are always mixed opinions. Some might think its interesting, some might think its a waste of time to think about.But at the end of the day we can all find something we can relate and that can be your zodiac sign with someone else. McLean Middle School is no different and there is many students that have common zodiac signs .That is why I decided to go out and try to investigate what the top 3 most common zodiac signs in this school would be.

The top 3 most common zodiac signs would be  Cancer, Scorpio, and Aries . Which means we have a lot of compassionate, determined , brave, honest, and adventurous students .  The big question about this was, do people really think their zodiac signs personality  matches up with their personality ?  I decided to go out and investigate that among a couple of students here at McLean and some of the first response and most common response was from Lanesha Vance  who said ” yes, I am Capricorn and I believe that my personality matches up with the description of a Capricorn”. Lanesha also mentioned that many people have tried to guess her zodiac based on her personality and they have been successful .  Lauren who is a Cancer said that her personality also matched up with her zodiac sign and that a lot of people have told her it shows .

On the other hand some other students said their zodiac sign did not match up with their zodiac sign for example who said that their personality did not match up  with the description of their zodiac sign . This is one way to show how some people think differently from others when  comes to astrology . Some students even said they didn’t have a clue about what this was about  .

To wrap it all up  I came to the conclusion that some people think that their zodiac sign did match their personality but I also found that some people do not believe they match up with their personality  of their zodiac . So , what do you think ? What would response be to the big question of does your zodiac sign really match your personality ?