Finding Fossils in Fort Worth Offers Fun for Families

Spencer Morgenweck

McLean might be old but not as old as some of the fossils you can find in Fort Worth. Fort Worth is a great place to find fossils considering that Texas used to be underwater. Fossils like Ammonites are quite easy to find in riverbeds. However Fossils like Brachiopods and Crinoids are more commonly found in Basins. Unfortunately Trilobite and larger marine fossils are quite hard to find. This might be because they are deeper underground with many layers of sediment on top of them.

Fossils of land animals are even harder to find because they are mostly very deep underground. However dinosaur fossils have been found by kids, these being extremely rare. For the most part Dinosaur fossils are very rare. Ancient Mammal and Mammal ancestors being even harder to find unless they are small. If they are small mammals the are relatively hard to find but easier than most Dino fossils.

Finally Pterosaur and other Flying animals might seem easy to find because they fall when they die but surprisingly these are quite hard to find because the donĀ“t fossilize well. Scavengers also eat up the scraps. That pretty much sums up flying animals, so on to the summary.

In the end most fossils are hard to find but if you look hard enough you might just be able to find an ammonite or a crinoid. Good luck and happy hunting.