Cake Pop Recipes You’ll Fall In Love With


Jacklyn Morales

“How to make a Cake Pop”

Do you want to make a your own homemade cake pop?  Then you found the right place. To make an awesome and tasty cake pops then follow the steps correctly.

Step 1. Go to the store and pick out your favorite cake flavor, coconut oil, frosting, Popsicle sticks and any type of melted chocolate, for example strawberry, vanilla or chocolate.

Step 2.  Wash your hands. Bake the cake, make sure to follow the instructions of baking your cake. If not then you might have a nasty cake pop.

Step 3. When your cake is done baking, let it out for 3 to 5 minutes to cool down. Once the cake is already cool off, cutout the burn sides of your cake. You will not need those pieces. Then, grab a bowl and start crumbling the cake into pieces with your hand.

Step 4. After your cake is all crumbled into pieces, add frosting and mix it up.

Step 5. Once your done mixing it, roll it into balls. And then, place them on a flat tray, pan or a plate. Make as many balls as you want.

Step 6. Grab your melted chocolate and dumped some little of it inside a bowl and melt it in the microwave for 2 minutes.

Step 7. Moments later, when your melted chocolate is melted, put a spoon of coconut oil in the bowl. And mix it.

Step 8. Next, grab your Popsicle sticks and dip the end of the stick in the bowl and gently stick it inside your balls. After that, put the tray, pan or plate inside the fridge and let it freeze for 15 minutes.

Step 9. 15 minutes later, melt the rest of your melted chocolate flavor and finally, grab your cake balls and dipped it inside the bowl and let it sit upright in a Styrofoam.

Step 10. At last, be creative adding decorations on your cake pop

Step 11. Enjoy your homemade Cake Pops! YUM YUM