Learning around the world with Geography Elective


Sahana Talwar, geography work

Sahana Talwar

There are many electives here at Mclean. We all know about theatre, choir, art, p.e., orchestra, band, and many others. However there is one elective that you may not have heard of.

Geography Themes & Perspectives H.S., is a class where you learn about Earth and how to use maps. You get to use google earth and other interactive maps as well. Not only that, but you get to do creative projects where you can choose to draw or write, and there’s so much more you do in the class.

Sahana Talwar, geography work

This year, the class has one period of fourteen students taught by Ms. Houston-Martin. I decided to interview her to learn more about the elective.

Six years ago, Ms. Houston-Martin volunteered to teach geography themes and perspectives. FWISD had this class approved to try and help freshman students who were struggling with AP Human Geography.

Ms. Houston-Martin said she likes preparing students for AP Human Geography. She enjoys how it’s different from history and how it focuses on more than just geography but also things like human adaptation and environmental impact. She is also fond of the variety of tools that are used to teach the class.

If you take this class, you earn a highschool elective credit for humanities distinction.

This is a class where you get to learn about many things in the world while also getting a high school credit. This is an amazing opportunity just waiting for you to explore it.