A Complete Guide To Assignments and Work

Zachary Turbeville

As we are in the 2nd 6 weeks, the assignments and quizzes get harder.There are many ways to get good grades and still have a good time in middle school.Many teachers have tutoring hours; you are able to view the hours on their google classroom and on their teacher websites. You can also view them in their classroom. Materials to use to stay organized are to use a planner and use your cell phone and put notes on your phone in the notes app. You can also make a Google doc about your schedule and your upcoming assignments.There are many apps to help you with your homework. Some teachers recommend:

  • Socratic – Math Answers & Homework Help.
  • Quizlet.
  • Khan Academy.
  • YouTube tutorials.

Sometimes people don’t know about these apps. All of these apps are free some make you have to have an account to do work on it.

When you study, you want to retain information. There is a tactic that some people see you can chew gum while you study, and if the teacher allows you can chew gum during a test, it is showed to focus and to help you remember. If you turn in your assignment early you can do other work and if you finish all of your work you can work or even talk to your friends if your teacher allows it. The more work you get done,the less you will have.