Cardinal Girl Group Goes Viral With “Every Weekend” Video


Zachary Turbeville and Charlotte Woods

Three students in Fort Worth have formed a dynamic trio of rappers and singers and have created a video that now has over 3000 views! It is a hit at McLean Middle School where you can hear students singing the hook in the hallway and asking teachers to play it in class.  The song features the group, who call themselves The Weekend Girls,  can be found on Youtube , and is called “Every Weekend.”

The girls in the group are named Ceriena, Xzariah, and Kaitlynne! The first two are cousins while Ceriena and Kaitlynne both attend McLean Middle School.

We had a fabulous opportunity to interview Ceriena, an 8th grader, about the song . We asked her how this whole process of writing a song came about. “It all really started in January when we all met,”she said. ¨We started taking lessons from a professional and then recorded several months later!”

She said the music video was also a blast to make. ¨The filming only took one day, but the editing took about 2 weeks.” But we all know that when we put things online there can also come hate. Ceriena said that she was worried about that and that she was glad that people overall seem to like it!

We also got a hint that she was writing another song that will come out in about a month. We couldn´t get any details so keep your eyes out for it! We´re sure it will be a hit!

If you are a super fan you can follow the group on Instagram @weekendgirlsmusic to find out more! Also you can like and subscribe to their Youtube channel for more music and more!